Hotel Concepts


For a hotel project; Hotel room design is the most important. Because the hotel room is the place where guests need to feel at home, get away from their worries and enjoy the hotel’s facilities freely. Its decoration should attract attention and be inviting. Hotel furniture and raw materials used in hotel furniture show themselves in both indoor and outdoor living spaces of the hotel. Wooden materials and furniture show themselves in both the interior and exterior living areas of the hotel. For these reasons, the hotel concept and hotel room design are the showcase of a hotel project. Maximum comfort should be provided in minimum space. It should be designed with innovative solutions in the hotel concept and hotel room. In short, the hotel concept should be places that can be lived at any time.
As a hotel furniture manufacturer and hotel concept designer inTurkey, DRF offers you an undeniable work offer to reveal your hotel concept and to achieve the hotel room design you want. DRF, a  hotel furniture manufacturer and hotel concept designer in Turkey offers you a very interesting solution for hotel projects. This solution is a study that includes ready-made hotel concepts that will adapt to all your hotel projects. With this study, hotel furniture manufacturer and hotel concept designer in Turkey DRF aimed to meet the needs of hotel projects suitable for every style, every budget, and every size. DRF‘s original and creative team of architects designed ready-made hotel concepts with a special method. The production unit has evaluated all possibilities to adapt all the details in your hotel projects, and has made ready-made hotel concepts realizable for you. All you have to do is choose one of these hotel concepts and enjoy not paying for design work and watch your hotel project complete. As a hotel furniture manufacturer and hotel concept designer in Turkey, DRF  is based on customer satisfaction by offering what is not in hotel furniture projects.

How Should Hotel Concept Design Practice Be in Hotel Projects?

The hotel should tell an uninterrupted story that will give guests the emotions that define their experience during their stay. In other words, it can be considered as an address that allows visitors to communicate with the culture of the place they visit, to open new areas of information, and to feel, by removing it from being a one-dimensional accommodation place. Because those who come to the hotel are usually from outside the city and stay here for a short time. The first impression of a place you come to for the first time comes to the fore with the place you stay and the culture there.
The hotel concept should not be designed linearly or solely based on aesthetics and functionality. To create unique experiences for guests and achieve a holistic result, an interior designer must consider all the elements that should be considered when designing a new hotel. If we listen to these elements from Turkey’s best hotel furniture manufacturer and hotel concept designer DRF;
First of all, a hotel concept should be designed by considering the story, style, and market targets of the hotel. The story creates meaning for a hotel project, its style creates the appeal of the hotel, and its market targets create its orientation. Revealing these 3 factors reveals the designer to come up with the right hotel concept.
We can add the geography and location of the hotel to the factors that give the greatest idea to be created by the designer and architect who created the hotel concept. The hotel concept of the hotel project should strictly comply with these elements and should not conflict.
Another important constraint to be considered in hotel projects is the first impression that the hotel will create on its guests. For the first impression, the hotel room design is only an influential factor. The most important element here is the lobby and public area design. These areas are a kind of showcase for the hotel project. For this, a visionary design that is compatible with the design of the hotel rooms is revealed and perfection is achieved in hotel projects.


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