Hospital Projects

Hospital Project Process and Hospital Furniture Production with DRF

When considering or evaluating hospital furniture and hospital project the first thing that comes to mind is the comfort of the patients. The selection of furniture to be used in hospital projects and the hospital concept to be created determined. While creating this concept, many factors such as doctors, nurses, midwives, caregivers, laboratory staff, patient consultants should be taken into consideration, not just patients. Apart from the comfort of patients and patient relatives, a design should be put forward in order to increase the motivation and working efficiency of many employees such as doctors, nurses, midwives, patient caregivers, laboratory staff, patient consultants. DRF aims to transfer its professionalism to you, our valued customers, by using its professionalism in this field in accommodation and hospitality projects.

What should be considered when choosing hospital furniture in the Hospital Project?

According to the concept design study, first of all, the technical studies of the furniture are made. At the end of this stage, the hospital furniture details of the hospital project are revealed. The materials, raw materials, and machines to be used in technical parts are determined and pre-assembled shapes are given. While determining the shapes, their dimensions, colors, elasticity, and weights are calculated and drawn in the machine environment. The technical drawing of each part to be produced is pre-arranged or designed by DRF architects. This method prevents the process from being interrupted. The list and shape of the parts to be cut are completed in advance, ensuring that there are no problems. This list is completed in stages by creating the perfect education professional. This path is DRF’s operating priority. All parts are cut at different scales in different machines according to the area of ​​the furniture to be used. Furniture pieces are divided into pieces so that the furniture that will be completed later does not look faulty or problematic. The length and size of the places to be pasted should be determined in advance. The holes and entry points of the screws are predetermined to avoid problems when cutting parts. Then, in this application, furniture for all furniture is collected and made usable by making a suitable connection. It is the most important stage in furniture production. Operations performed on the cabinet after assembly may be problematic when it is changed later. In this case, hospital furniture may create problems within the framework of the solutions of the project. Since DRF is an experienced and capable furniture manufacturer, it guarantees you trouble-free at these stages.

Project Design and Completion

In the last stage, the project and design of the finished furniture are packed and transferred to the hospital project area where the work will be placed and mounted for fixation. This hospital furniture and hospital project are placed in the space according to the concept design. Hospital furniture may differ for each hospital project. For this reason, it is necessary to act according to the concept study, which is put forward according to the request and demand. Projects and solutions developed according to the hospital furniture design process get results by completing the furniture works. All malfunctions or problems that may be encountered are solved by DRF’s experienced architects and a large staff. As a furniture manufacturer and concept designer in Turkey, DRF looks forward to serving you in hospital projects and hospital furniture projects.