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DRF About Us

The best expert for hospitality furniture manufacturing and interior design


DRF Contract is especially focused on business development in international business and the market for the last twelve years. We provide an excellent service with the help of its engineering/technical background in the project, planning, and production of various types of products. Our company has a high level of experience within the furniture industry and with the help of this experience with a team of highly experienced technicians and architects.

Working alongside the client’s architects and designers, we deliver dedicated service and project development assistance throughout the design, manufacturing, and installation process. We have a broad client base and experience of working with major international brands and multinational projects for years.

We offer an unrivaled cost-effective solution for our client’s projects as we have the manufacturing capacity and skills in our modern production plans. Our product listings increase in number and variety every year with new and innovative product updates.

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The New Way to planning.manufacturing.rendering.installation.

Is your favourite supplier of contract furniture and decoration to the hospitality Industry. We have a broad client base and experience of working with major International brands and some multinational project for over a decade. We continue to grow in every market by developing a wide range of innovative designs and products.  Click To Catalog